Is it time to SHIFT?

Best Buy has Need for Speed SHIFT on sale for $39.99, which is a solid $20 off its normal price. I have been holding off on this one for a couple of reasons. First, I do not really have the time to just into another game right now. Second, I am not really sure this one is worth $60.

The time thing does not change, but $39.99 is an enticing price point. I am not sure if the game is on sale because the numbers have been poor, or because Best Buy needed a loss leader.

The metacritic scores have been decent; the game currently has an 83 rating (based on 39 reviews). The user score could be more telling at 7.8 (based on 23 votes). Honestly I am surprised that the user scores are not higher

The metacritic scores are an interesting tool in making a decision on a game, but they should always be taken with a grain of salt. For example, Ferrari Challenge ended up being an excellent purchase for me even though its average review (71%) and user scores (7.5) were not very stellar. In other words, you can use the scores as a starting point, but not as the final arbitrator of your purchasing decision. At least that is the way I do my homework.

I can see myself getting SHIFT just because of the price. It will be a game that I can enjoy over the next few months, and it will probably be a year or more until the game drops to a retail price that is this low, which means it is good eBay fodder if I happen to not enjoy the game.


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