U.S. heads CONCACAF table.

Thanks to a little luck, Team USA now sits at the top of the CONCACAF World Cup qualifying table. The luck? First, the US managed to win an away game against T&T. I would have expected it to be easier, but a win is still worth 3 points, even if the win is not all that pretty. Second, last night El Salvador beat Costa Rica 1-0, and Mexico beat Honduras 1-0, both of these were good results for the US.

I only got to see the final 20 minutes of the Trinidad & Tobago game, and I think lackluster sums it up pretty well.

The Americans probably won’t spend much time thinking about the negatives from their 1-0 victory against Trinidad & Tobago on Wednesday night, not when the three points helped them move into first place in the skin-tight CONCACAF qualifying standings. However, at some point they need to look at the match and think about why they struggled yet again to dispose of one of the weaker teams in the qualifying group.

It all comes down to a month from now when the US travels to Honduras (October 10), and then plays host to Costa Rica (October 14). I never would have thought the US would struggle to qualify for the World Cup, but such is the state of American soccer, which is bitterly disappointing.


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