Some reasons not to PSP Go.

After finding that forgettable PS2 NCAA Football 10 I was cursing around G4TV looking for something else fun to read. This G4TV Feed editorial laments on the fact that Sony should have skipped the PSP Go and went straight to the PSP2. Never mind alienating the current 50 million or so PSP owners.

While Sony has released a number of new models improving on the screen, battery life, size and weight of the PSP, the company is planning on releasing their most radical PSP design this Fall –PSP go The smallest and lightest version of the PSP, PSP go forgoes the UMD drive for downloadable games but adds 16GB of internal storage, Bluetooth support, and more.

But, does anyone care? I sure as hell don’t.

Like a lot of posts these days, the comments are actually more interesting than the full article content. In the case of the PSP Go, consider it as a sort of PSP-4000 that will hold everyone over for 12-18 months until the PSP2 is ready for launch. If Sony does the needful and launches the PSP2 in 6-9 months, there are going to be some seriously pissed PSP Go owners.


2 thoughts on “Some reasons not to PSP Go.”

  1. Maybe the Go accomplishes several things for them, like bring in profits in time with the launch of some long-awaited PSP blockbuster games, like GT Mobile.

    Also, may lay the groundwork for downloads and light games, which they may feel they need in order to compete.

    But yeah, if they come out with a PSP2 like 1 year after the Go, then it will alienate people who bought the Go. It will be like 32X and Saturn again.

    Well people being pissed is better than people being indifferent to a continuation of the PSP strategy — trying to deliver a more powerful handheld device than the competition, at the risk of higher costs.

  2. wco81 – No doubt about it; the PSP Go is certainly generating a lot of emotional debate. People either really want this thing or they think it is completely ridiculous. BTW, most of the articles that are not very thrilled with the PSP Go are mostly upset over the price. I bet if if were in line with the PSP-3000, or at least around $199, the reaction would be a little different.

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