2008 Bowl Picks Round 12

Or the Go Falcons! Edition. How can I be so right, yet so wrong? The Red Raiders proved that they were not so hot, getting handily corralled at the hands of the Rebels from Oxford. Kentucky showed me that I should not pick against the SEC, and that they where not in the same piss poor category as the Fighting Chickens. Finally, WTF happened to the Elephants? Seriously, I thought they would win, but I did not like the point spread. Did anyone really think they would lay down for Utah? The end result was a 2-1 day.

I am surprised that we are going Bowling today since today is all about the Falcons and the NFL playoffs, but duty calls, so I am obligated to make a selection.

International Bowl: Buffalo (8-5, 5-3 MAC) vs. Connecticut (7-5, 3-4 Big East). Not sure if they get any harder to pick or watch than this one. I am going to go with the points and take Buffalo with the 6.5, but I am not sure why anyone is bothering to play this game.

Record to date: 16-11.


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