Sunday Night Potpourri

Today was a good day for yard work, real life work (not really, but duty called), beer guzzling, and NCAA Football 08. There was not much sports related in front of me worth watching. At this point, with Tiger out, I could care less about the Open, the Braves suck, and football is still a ways off.

I could have watched the German Grand Prix this morning, but Fox needs something to throw up in the afternoon. As a result, we get yet another tape delayed race, which is a total crock of crap.

I read in the paper this morning that as the trade deadline approaches, Bobby Cox considers the Braves to be a buyer, not a seller. Every the optimist. I love Cox, but this team is not built for a playoff run. How does losing by 9 runs to the Nationals (15-6) equate to being a buyer?

The Falcons open training camp this Saturday; thank goodness … I am ready for some football. The Redskins opened camp today. Looks like football is just around the corner.

Moving back to videogames …

Yesterday I spent some time with my kids playing Super Stardust HD Team Expansion. The new verses mode is interesting, but I really enjoyed the split-screen co-op mode. When things get crazy, there is some slow down, but not to the point where I felt it affected gameplay. I teamed up with my six-year old to post a high score in the top 2K. Obviously not a lot of co-op players out there, but it is pretty cool to be so high on the leader board.

According to Lazy Gamer, Sony has won the GTA: IV battle in Europe.

Europe was always going to be a major GTA battleground and by the look of it the PS3 has taken this one.

Right now the current sales sit at

PS3 – 2,193,728
360 – 1,919,583

And with the PS3 version outselling the 360 week on week at the moment it is becoming safe to say that while the race was close the PS3 won.

I am not sure why this caught my eye, but I guess it is an excuse to quote a South African gaming site. First time for everything I suppose.

Have I mentioned how much it sucks that Qore is not Remote Play enabled? Forget the fact that I cannot get Remote Play to work consistently outside of my home network. I could always have Qore stand in for my throne room reading material. One can dream.

Why does the Orange Box suck so much on the PS3? Who cares? Ripten has a nice “he said, she said” article

Now Valve’s Erik Johnson says, “Well, EA handled most of the PS3, so I don’t have a lot of insight into that — they did most of the work”. The use of the word “most” is supposedly an indicator that not all of the work was done by EA. The conspiracy theorists out there fail to realize that EA has a history of farming out it’s work, and have taken that to mean that at least some of it must have been done by Valve.

Ports in general suck, so no surprises here with this one. PC ports are probably going to be better on the 360. Still nothing earth shattering. Since I am not a shooter fan, much less a Half Life devotee, I could care less. I just thought the conspiracy theory was entertaining.

Why would anyone pay $349 for a 60GB 360 when they can get a 80GB PS3 for $400? Does anyone even buy the sub $300 360? Should be interesting to see if the PS3 continues to outsell the 360 (month-to-month) in Q3.

Let’s call it a wrap and move back to some NCAA Football 09.


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