MLB 08: The Show. Playing the waiting game.

With the price of PS3 games being so darn high, I decided not to preorder MLB 08.  In the past I preordered everything I wanted.  This saved me the hassle of driving to a store, plus it was convenient having manna from heaven show up at my door.

I think those days are gone.  $59.99 + next day shipping + tax means that PS3 games run close to $75, which is just too much for me to stomach.  I have not owned very many PS3 games, and have preordered exactly two (last year’s NCAA and Madden).

As much as I want MLB 08, it begs the question if I really need something next day.  In another day and time, there was enough time in a day to fully enjoy the fruits of a new game, rush some quick impressions, post in forums, and call it a day.  No longer.  Well, maybe every once in a while, but not for MLB 08.

I will either pick up MLB 08 later in the week (or this weekend), or use Amazon’s Prime service and save a boatload on shipping.  I won’t get the game on release day, but does that really matter?  I guess it depends on how much time I have to cruise the forums that are gushing over the game.  Then I will have to get me some of that.


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