Video Game Shopping Saturday

Thanks to the use of eBay and some older games that were collecting dust, I have had $60 burning a hole in my pocket for the past couple of weeks.  I have been targeting a PS3 purchase:  Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune or Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.  $60 a pop for a PS3 game is a little too much for me to make casual purchases.  It would not matter so much if I actually had a lot of time to play, but these days I do not have a lot of video game time, so my purchases have to count.

After a family breakfast at Shoney’s, a quick stop in the local B&N, we managed a detour to Toys R Us to pick up my next PS3 game.  Of course the kids were gung-ho for a purchase of their own, but today’s video game trip was all about me.  I could not decide between Uncharted and Ratchet.  I would like them both, but I was determined to be fiscally responsible, which meant I could only claim one game today.  Ultimately I decided on Uncharted because I think it will be a more unique experience.

After making a decision I decided to check out the PSP section to see if I wanted to get the new Atari Classics Evolved, but decided that Uncharted was enough for today.  Then I noticed that LocoRoco was $9.90.  I have read a lot of different opinions on this one, and have often thought adding it to my PSP library.  In the end, I always skip it, figuring it would end up being a waste of money like so much of my PSP library.  This time I figured that for under $10, I did not have much to lose.  I could always dump it on eBay.

Next up was a stop at the local ebgames.  I figured I would check to see if they happed to have a used copy of Ratchet for under $35.  I know, so much for being fiscally responsible.  Used games at ebgames are pretty much a rip off.  Uncharted, Ratchet, and Heavenly Sword were all $54.99.  Used.  For those prices, I may as well buy new.

I also ducked into Circuit City to see if they had anything interesting in the clearance bins.  Nothing that I could not live without.  I came real close to throwing some money at Rock Band, but quickly came to my senses.  I have no musical talent.

More to come later on Loco and Uncharted.


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