Quick PSP Update

I decided not to pick up a new PSP Slim. The Star Wars limited edition one sounded cool, but at my age, value wins out over cool and collectable. Honestly, it is not like I am going to keep the system on a shelf to collect and eventually sell. At some point maybe I will go slim PSP 2000, but I am going to stand pat for now.

I did pre-order Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron from ebgames; the game arrived today. I also could not hold off on Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. I decided to pre-order this one from Amazon for a couple of reasons. First, we use the Prime service, so shipping is cheap, and I did not like that ebgames wanted to charge me $9.99 per game for next day shipping. $20 to ship SW Renegade Squadron and FF Tactics? No thanks. Second, I wanted to see if Amazon could deliver games on the ship date. Nope. I will not get this one until after my beach trip.

I came close to getting Dungeons & Dragons Tactics and Madden NFL 08, but decided to hold off on both. For now. Jeanne D’arc also looks great, but not sure if I really need this one and FF Tactics.

I swear if I do not play the Star Wars game then I may as well throw all my PSP crap up on eBay.


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