I almost went broke.

With apologies to Bowling for Soup, I almost picked up several games at Circuit City last night.

Madden 2008 for the Wii would be a great Christmas present for the kids, plus it was $12 off.  I decided not to pick it up yet, because we need to plan a little better – Santa, two sets of grandparents, etc.

Madden 2008 for the PSP, which should be new and improved over last year; also on sale for $12 off.  I decided not to get it because I did not play the 2007 version enough (sold it a while back), and I have just not been in much of a PSP mood.

DiRT for the PS3; because every console needs a good rally game.  In the end, I decided to wait to see if I could find it a little cheaper – $60 is a lot for an impulse purchase.

Heavenly Sword was also in hand, but how could I start something new when I have not finished Oblivion or Resistance.  Besides, there was that $60 impulse purchase thing again.

I thought about one of the new NBA titles, but I have read mixed reviews on all.  Which one is really the best?  Since when did I actually like the NBA again?  Probably a horrible purchase without waiting for a sale.

In the end I did not pick up anything.  I almost spent a couple of hundred dollars, but figured I was better off standing pat and enjoying what I already had in my library.  Of course all this almost buying prompted me to throw up a few older games on eBay to build a spending cache to help justify my next trip to Circuit City.


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