Into Oblivion

Last weekend I finally cracked out Oblivion The Elder Scrolls IV for the PS3, but unfortunately I now have NCAA Football, with Madden lurking in the wings.  I hope I can get my money’s worth from this game, but it took me almost two months to open the game, so I have a feeling this could wind up as a wasted impulse purchase.

I think the PS3’s library takes a lot of grief, but I have an excellent racer in F1CE, Resistance is a great FPS (if I were into that sort of thing), Oblivion looks to be the real deal for role playing action, and while the jury is still out on NCAA Football 08, I think it is shaping up to be a quality title.

Back to Oblivion.  First impressions – great graphics (I am a card carrying CGW – casual gaming whore), engrossing combat system, and extremely deep environments (pull arrows out of dead guys).  No way I can do the game just now.  I am into Oblivion, but NCAA may get in the way.


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