WTF is wrong with the Hawks?

I think I have made it plenty clear that I no longer care for the NBA; it is just not compelling.  With that said, I was interested in this draft because Atlanta had a chance (“had” as in they no longer have because they just f’ed it up) to get better in a hurry.  Instead they drafted Al Horford (F, Florida) with their #3 pick, followed by Acie Law IV (G, Texas A&M) with their #11 pick.

Call me silly, but if Atlanta needed a point guard (and believe me, they did and still do), they should have taken Mike Conley, Jr. (G, Ohio St.) with the #3 pick.  WTF is wrong with the Hawks?  How many f’ing forwards are they going to draft?  This is the fourth or maybe fifth year in a row that they have gone with a forward with their first selection.  I really do not have any idea what the Atlanta brass is trying to do to build this team into a winner.

I was holding out hope that the rumors were wrong – Atlanta would not trade away their picks for a veteran to lead the young guys.  I wanted them to stay young, and add a guard (Conley) in the draft.  Atlanta did the right thing by holding on to the picks, but I cannot believe that they took another forward.  Un-‘f’ing-believable.

I am not knocking Horford or Law, but this just does not seem to be remotely helpful.  Hopefully I am very wrong.  I would actually like a reason to start watching the Hawks again, but not even HD broadcasts can save this sick puppy.

Oh yeah.  The commissioner says that the upcoming 2007-2008 season promises to be the best ever.  On what grounds?  The big market teams (NY, Philly, and LA) are still going to suck, James needs serious help in Cleveland, the East in general is pathetic, and Hawks just had a bloody terrible draft.


2 thoughts on “WTF is wrong with the Hawks?”

  1. If Law can get a more consistent jump shot, he will be the best point guard selected in this draft. He carried A&M for two years and was the primary reason for their success. Watching him and Durrant dual through two overtimes was one of the best college games I’ve ever watched.

    Horford at number 3? Yea, that left me scratching my head, hehe.

  2. Chris, I did not see Law much last year -as you can imagine, A&M does not get much press in these parts – but I saw Conley play a good deal. I do remember the game you mentioned above, and I remember my dad talking about Law last year (in a good, respectful, way because dad was a Texas fan).

    I hope you are right that Lasw turns out to be the best PG in this draft. The problem is that he was the first senior taken (shocking that it took 11 picks), so he may be about as consistent as he is going to get.

    There were so many decent forwards on the board that I just do not understand Horford at #3. He may be ready to play now, but it just seems like such a waste. If they were going to go forward, they should have traded down, or maybe traded for future picks.

    Anyway, I want to be wrong. The Hawks need me to be very wrong.

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