Canadian Grand Prix

Whoever said F1 was boring must have made that proclamation before the Montreal race.  Seriously, I used to follow F1 religiously until the last couple of years when passing only became possible in the pit lanes (with a few exceptions).  OK, boring was a good description.  While F1 was still the pinnacle of motor sports, it was just not that compelling.  As such, I have only been a casual observer until the last few races.  Hamilton is a compelling story, and seeing how Ferrari will respond to not having Schumacher carry the load is a compelling story.

Today’s race was disappointing because FOX did not give us the HDTV treatment, but oh, what a race.

I am not even sure where to begin.  I guess I should give credit where credit is due; Hamilton continues to be awesome.  What a wonderful start to his rookie season.

You expect these sort of results in wet weather – Hamilton, Heidfeld, Wurz, Kovalainen, Raikkonen, Sato, Alonso, and R. Schumacher.

How about Ferrari?  What a horrible, miserable day for the Scuderia.  Massa got the black flag treatment for ignoring a red pit lane light, and Raikkonen did nothing other than stinking up the joint.  What a waste.  I still maintain that it is good for the sport when Ferrari is winning.

Kubica had a spectacular crash; I thought he was dead for sure, but early reports indicate he is in stable condition.  I have been watching F1 for a good ten or eleven years, and I have never seen such before.  If Kubica lives to tell his tale, that is truly a testament to the safety for modern F1 cars.

Four safety cars were deployed at various points during the race, which has to be some sort of record.  Trulli took it into the walls (not sure if this was another suspension failure or a mistake), Speed went out in the first ten laps, and Button’s car did not go into gear on the grid.  Two time World Champion Alonso all over the place, taking it off track at least three times (kind of looked like me playing F1CE).  Sato (of Super Aguri-Honda fame) took it to Alonso in the closing laps to pick up another position.  Toyota and Honda have to be kind of pissed at their lack or results.  Crazy stuff.

FOX’s coverage was OK (normal SPEED crew), with the exception of no HDTV coverage.  It sucks that due to time constraints we did not get to see the post race press conference.  It would have been fun to see what Hamilton had to say after his first victory.  All in all, the Canadian Grand Prix was an entertaining and eventful race.  Next up is Indy!


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