I am not sure why, but I love watching the Grand Prix of Monaco.  Actually, I guess it is just a wonderful looking street circuit, with lots of history, and while the racing may not be all that great from a pure wheel-to-wheel passing standpoint, the drivers have to go balls out to make things happen.  One of my dream vacations is to take in an F1 race at Monaco; hopefully it will happen before I am too old to enjoy this sort of vacation.

Today is the first time I have watched qualifying from end-to-end this year, and I have to say that I like the new qualifying format.  I am assuming this format is new; I did not watch much F1 last year.  At any rate, I like the multiple knock-out sessions, which provides plenty of excitement and is better than the old “wait until the last minute” to give it a go, and the previous format that was in place a couple of years ago.  I guess that shows how much I have been following F1 in recent years.  For whatever reason, I went from being a “can’t miss a race fan” to a casual, keeping up with the F1 news at a glance fan.  Ah, but Monaco always brings me back.

Today we saw a nice duel between Alonso and Hamilton.  At the very end, Alonso managed to take the pole from Hamilton.  Massa managed P3 for Ferrari.  Good stuff!  The multiple tire rules will create opportunities to pass in the pits, but from what bits and parts of F1 I have seen this year, the McLarens are going to be up to the challenge.

Tomorrow is going to be heaven on TV!  Back-to-back racing – Monaco, Indy, and Coke 600.  Good stuff all around.  Better go get some chores out of the way to build up some “bonus” points because I will need them for tomorrow.


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