Smackdown Comparison

Here are the major criteria I will use for my upcoming baseball smackdown 2007 series.  I will compare Baseball Mogul 2008 and Out of the Park Baseball 2007 across these categories:

1. Statistical volume – What does the game track for statistics?

2. Customization options – What can I create as far as league structures, teams, etc.?

3. Ability to use previous version league files and import them – Am I going to have to start over to play this game?

4. Realistic development curves – Is there enough variation in player development to make things interesting?

5. Realistic statistical results – Do the statistics produced by the leagues make sense over time?

6. Engaging on-field management – How interesting is playing a single game?

7. Ease of use/User interface – Is the game easy to maneuver through?

8. Installation/System requirements – How demanding is a full install of the game and how does it run?

9. Online capabilities – How easy is it to play games through the internet?

10. Game manual – How well thought out is the game manual?

11. Graphics/Visual Presentation – Even though it is a text-sim, what part do graphics play in the game’s presentation?

12. Miscellaneous intangibles – Are there other issues worth mentioning?

13. User community support – How widely played is the game and is there a fan base developing mods and other enhancements?

14. Developer support – How responsive is the development team to problems/issues with the game?


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