Signing Day

For those of you that thought football was over, think again. Today is that great time known as National Signing Day. My dad used to really get into this (after he retired – too much time on his hands I guess), but I never put much stock in ranking signing classes because these kids have not even stepped on the field. My opinion is that you have to withhold judgment on your team’s signing class for a couple of years.

To be fair, I understand the importance of recruiting, going after blue chip prospects, and landing that next stud that will take a team to the promise land. Some freshmen will contribute, but most of these kids will not make an impact for two or three years. I guess my point is that these guys are just kids. Kids – the great hope of over zealous football fans.

Things happen. Some of the kids never step foot in the school. Some of the kids become home sick. Some flunk out. And some turn to a life of crime; was going to make a joke here, but I guess it is really not a laughing matter.

From what I have read, the SEC did a great job. has seven schools in its top ten (three in the top five). also has three SEC schools in the top five. Georgia is consistently in the top ten, and Texas is in the top five. So all around, high hopes for my teams.

I still think guys that sit around living for this stuff have too much time on their hands, but different strokes I guess. When does spring football start?


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