OOTPB 2007 (improvements over OOTPB 2006)

I was looking at the OOTPB 2007 feature change list and came away very impressed. I was going to quote a few of my favorite items, or general items on the list that caught my attention, but to be honest, the list is too long!

There is always eternal optimism prior to the release of any new game, especially one with the loyal following of OOTPB, so I am going into this one with guarded optimism. I am hopeful that OOTPB 2007 is everything (and more) that OOTPB 2006 should have been, but the proof is in the pudding.

Please oh please, SI, do not f’ this one up. If we can really see an improved version of OOTPB that actually pays attention to the needs of online leagues (and historical leagues) then I may have to do a jig.


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