Falcons Stink?

Lingering like a stale fart? Pretty funny stuff from Bill Simmons

The Falcons are like the new Barbaro. Just tell me when they’re officially alive or dead.

The Falcons have a realistic chance at the wildcard, but I figure they have to win three of four against Tampa Bay, Dallas, Carolina, and Philadelphia. I can see them pulling off wins vs. Tampa Bay (maybe, but it is a road game and the Bucs always play ATL strong), and maybe the Eagles. After that, I do not see them beating Dallas, and Carolina is going to take it to the Falcons after their opening season debacle.

Keeping my fingers crossed, but I do not have a lot of hope for the remainder of this season. Once again it comes down to the receivers ability to catch the ball, and a banged up defense’s ability to stop the run.


One thought on “Falcons Stink?”

  1. Seriously, has any team in recent memory had receivers that sucked more then this group? I just watch Vick make a not so hot throw to Lelie, but how does Lelie not at least fight for the ball in the end zone? These clowns suck!

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