More WoW Gaming …

Or I should say, not so much WoW gaming. One of my biggest fears going into WoW was signing up for a subscription service, only to run into dry spells of 2-3 weeks with absolutely no time to game. Such as been the case until last night. I am not even sure, but I bet I am past my free 30 day trail, which means the last couple of weeks were spent paying for a service that I was not using. For some reason that really bothers me.

Last night I decided to take Faltutin, my level 8 gnome mage, to level 10. I figured I would complete a couple of quests, and maybe do a little exploring, but in the process of exploring, my feet keep taking me to the eastern portions of Dun Morogh. I made a side trip to Gol’Bolar, which was not too smart because I got overwhelmed by a group of Troggs. That sort of sucked because it took forever and a day for my ghost to make it from the Kharanos graveyard to the quarry to recover my mage.

I also learned that random beast encounters in the wild are not always the smartest adventures for a mage. Oops, dead again; repeat long boring process of graveyard to corpse recovery.

I think I ended up in Loch Modan (or there abouts), running from a couple of dragon-something-or-another humanoid types, and killing some spider things. I know, real descriptive. The spider things were great because they left behind all sorts of goodies to help me build up my available coin.

One thing led to another, and before I knew it, Faltutin was level 10. Ah the joys of new spells. I love sitting back and blasting the crap out of beasties. Good stuff!

Besides gaming with Chris for a few minutes several weeks ago, this was the first time where I felt like I was actually having fun. Not just fun, but a damn good time. So far my experience with WoW has been along the lines of ‘take it or leave it’ – still not seeing the big deal if you get my meaning, but instead I have been playing for the purpose to level up. I may not be there yet, but last night I genuinely had a good time exploring the world, killing some spider-things, seeing my character progress (besides leveling up), and overall just enjoying the WoW experience.


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