SEC Preview (Week 3)

This is the day that the Lord has made, and what a glorious day for some SEC football action!  LSU/Auburn and Florida/Tennessee are in the mix followed by a bunch of crap games, starting with, in order of suckyness:

Wofford – South Carolina
The ‘Ol Ball Coach is going to be majorly pissed, and the fighting chicken fans need something to cheer for after another depression loss to the mighty Dawgs.

Louisiana-Monroe – Alabama
Bama will Roll, Roll, Roll, but their defense better be stout because much like last year, there is not an offensive presence on this team.

Mississippi – Kentucky
Lets be honest, this is a battle to see which team sucks the most.  I have been wrong on every single game Ole Miss game so far, so why stop now.  Somehow the Wildcats manage to score a few more points than the Rebels.

Arkansas – Vanderbilt
I hate pulling for the Hogs, I really do, but they better have more talent than the Commodores, or there is going to be hell to pay for Nutt.  So I pick the Razorbacks under duress.

UAB – (10) Georgia
The Stafford era begins here, and everyone is going to leave Sanford Stadium happy campers.  I know that UAB can sneak up on some teams (cough … Oklahoma … cough), and a few years ago they kicked the LSU tigers in their collective tails, but it is not going to happen this day.  Dawgs will win by 13, something along the lines of 31-17.

(7) Florida – (13) Tennessee
While this one is right behind LSU/Auburn, lets not kid ourselves.  How much do the Volunteers suck?  They should have lost to Air Force last week, but chalk up some Rocky Top magic that allowed them to escape with a weak victory.  I am a card carrying member of the Gator haters club, but I think this one is going to be an easy Florida victory.

(6) LSU – (3) Auburn
This one is the headliner of the weekend, and I think this one has the Tigers from the Plains all over it.  This one is going to be a tight defensive affair, but AU will come from behind, and win by three.

Other Games of Note
Two other national games of note are on the weekend menu of football goodness.  (11) Michigan vs. (2) Notre Dame and (8) Texas vs. Rice.  I am not a Wolverine fan, but I cannot stand the Irish, so I am going to be pulling hard for Michigan.  I just do not think Notre Dame is a Top 5 team this year, but I suppose this is a chance for them to prove me wrong.  I am expecting something like 31-30, Notre Dame, but I hope victory belongs to Michigan.  Texas will put up 56 on Rice, in what amounts to a wound-licking game after the Buckeye debacle.

Go Dawgs!


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