Columbus does it again!

Refusing to watch the kids play, I just noticed that Columbus beat the team from Oregon 7-3, claiming the title of best little league team in the US. How many times have I mentioned that I played baseball during my formative years at Northern Little League? :)

I guess I will have to break down and watch the Championship game tomorrow. What the heck, you have to like the kids from Georgia!

In Istanbul Massa captured his first poll, and inside the next hour, the circle bunch are going to kick it around Bristol, which happens to be one of my favorite NASCAR events. Nothing like Bristol at night!

Several weeks old now, but there was a great NFL training camp article in the August 14, 2006 Sports Illustrated titled “Game of Survival” by Peter King that really shows what a cutthroat industry the NFL is for the middle class players. Only a couple more weeks until the NFL kicks off, and seven more until UGA takes the field! I cannot wait.


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