Wii – WTF is wrong with Nintendo?

Old news, I know I am a day or three late and a dollar short, but I just have to sound off on this one; have to be me. The Revolution has ended. We now have Wii.

Wii? Seriously, WTF is Nintendo thinking? Innovate. Please. Innovate all the live long day with your games, but come up with something a little more sophisticated if you want to have any sort of chance of recapturing market share.

The problem is that most of us that love Nintendo, or more specifically what Nintendo represents (innovative fun) will pick up their next console. That is just what we do, because it is who we are – generation fun. Can I copyright that, or has it been used already. I digress. No one else will take Nintendo seriously. A few years ago they gave us a f’ing purple cube, and now this? Wii? Joy.


3 thoughts on “Wii – WTF is wrong with Nintendo?”

  1. Well Nintendo seems content to carve a niche in consoles, a profitable one where they’re not taking losses by pushing the technological envelope.

    Complement that with dominating market share in handhelds and they may not feel a big need to try to gain console market share.

    Of course, even though the DS has outsold the PSP, the latter has carved a big chunk of the market which Nintendo pretty much had to itself (of course, if you count the GBA, then Nintendo has a comfortable lead).

    It will be interesting to see if this Wii with the unique controller can continue to carve enough of a niche to justify Nintendo’s presence in the market. Nintendo’s big properties weren’t enough to gain share on the GC but yet, they cemented the dominance of the GBA and the DS.

    Now there are rumors that the PS3 will be incorporating a motion sensor. So if the uniqueness of the Wii wand is negated or mitigated, how does Nintendo differentiate itself in consoles?

    Software? Well do they need to develop their own console for that?

  2. wco81 – with the 64 and GC Nintendo lost their hardware luster; Sony passed them by. On the 64 Nintendo was able to crank out some great first party titles; to a lesser extent with the CG. No idea what will happen with the Wii.

    Even if Sony goes the motion sensor route, it may be just a "throw in" to try to match specs. That is more or less what happened with the PS2’s HDD and online options (to combat the Xbox).

    I think as long as Nintendo innovates with their software I could care less if they stay in hardware. I plan on going PS3 and Wii – two consoles; same as PS2 and GC. If Nintendo goes 3rd party like Sony, I guess I would still have to get two consoles (Sony’s and Xbox offering) so no biggie to me.

    I like the PSP, but I think I am going to have to get a DS before too long because the PSP’s library is not all that right now.

  3. Nintendo has billions in the bank so it could fund research for exotic processors like Sony and MS. But it won’t because they rather have a profitable niche than a bigger share but low or no profits.

    Yeah I was interested in the PSP but other than for travel, I don’t see the need. And actually for travel, I found the little personal entertainment systems with movies and simple puzzle games are more than adequate to kill some time on a long flight.

    Actually, the DS may be better suited because of long battery life (if you take 10-15 hour flights occasionally). The DS Lite looks interesting.

    I thought the stylus thing was a gimmick and I still think there must be games which don’t really use it.

    The PSP may have some more options when the PS3 comes out. One rumor is that the PS3 would act like a Location Free base station. Then with the PSP, you would use a hotel’s Internet access to get access to your Tivo back home.

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