NCAA Football 07 – Too Much of a Good Thing?

I read earlier today that NCAA Football 07 is going to be released on the PSP, which is a nice move for me because I would love a portable version of the game. Of course I would be happy with the PSX version of NCAA 2000 running in emulation mode (see previous story), and I may have to hold out hope for the emulation route because the next version of EA college franchise may have gone just a little bit too far for me to stomach. I read this tidbit under the game’s propaganda on EBGames:

“Back to SchoolExcel in the classroom to improve your overall character, and then balance your time wisely between studies, practice, and social events as you live the life of a Student Athlete.”

I want a football simulation. Off field recruiting is one thing, and even some form of spring ball to improve statistics (which by the way I do not like) is something I can live with, but student life? That sounds like one of those squirrelly Japanese dating simulations. No thanks.


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