Drinking the KoolAid

Seems that online baseball guru and IOSBL team owner Tom Montalto is enjoying the OOTP 2006 beta according to the latest OOTP 2006 blog. Tom was one of the first people to IM me that there was no way he was pre-ordering the game back when we both were, shall we say, less then enthusiastic about pre-purchasing vaporware. Since then his tune has changed quite a bit, Mr. Duffy has used the force, and brought Tom completely over to the dark side. Ok, maybe not the dark side, but his transformation is complete and he’s ready to drink the OOTP 2006 KoolAid Marc and Markus (could be a great talk radio show name by the way) are handing out.

It’s a good sign that Tom likes OOTP 2006. It’s a bad sign that nary a line of anything written about OOTP 2006 discusses the online portion of the game in any sort of detail.

In other news, OOTP Mac owners are wanted to beta test OOTP 2006. Since the only games I play (World of Warcraft and OOTP) are now going to be available on a Mac, might be time for me to take a look at the new line and see what’s what.


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