Diary of A Mad Black Woman

Random thoughts:

I saw this movie title, thought about 24 and The Apprentice, and laughed out loud (readers of my former site will get the joke).

Florida beat South Carolina in South Carolina by one point this afternoon. Nothing significant except that it was the first game in four years that the Gators showed some heart.

Lot of bad press for ESPN’s baseball release. Mixed reviews for MVP Baseball so far. I’m staring at High Heat 2003’s jewel case wondering if I will ever purchase an arcade baseball game again. That was the last action baseball game that I paid for, and High Heat 2002 is the last baseball arcade game that I actually played.

One of the funniest gaming threads I’ve ever read. You’ll have to speak online RPG geek in order to get some of the jokes, but every elder gamer/married person will understand the gist of the discussion.


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