Feeling Blue, Not so much Mean and Green

I know, I know, you do not have to say it. I will say this – I have no true connection to North Texas. I just happened to “adopt” them (lucky for the Eagles, no?) a few years ago because I wanted to be challenged in NCAA Football. Plus it is my dad’s went to college, so there is some sort of connection. In theory … maybe not.

Anyway, North Texas has represented the Sun Belt Conference in the New Orleans Bowl each of the last four years, but they have only accumulated a 1-3 record. Last night was another example of “ouch” as North Texas succumbed to Southern Mississippi 31-10.

The funny thing about my North Texas “relationship” is that I have yet to watch more than a few mins of their bowl action until last night. The previous three years the game has fallen on my December 18th wedding anniversary. Let me lay it on the table: football, wife, football, wife. Being a smart man, and not wanting to live the life of a monk, North Texas and the New Orleans Bowl always take a back burner to the anniversary thing.

Last night was my first real opportunity to see North Texas play in a bowl game, but no, oh no, I just had to be sick yesterday, which led to me pretty much missing all but a few minutes of the first quarter. Feeling blue you see, and not so much Mean and Green. Maybe next year.


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