Gran Turismo 4 Slips into Obscurity

Another email update from EBGames, and another Gran Turismo 4 delay. This time we learn that GT4 will not even hit store shelves in time for Christmas.

We are writing to let you know that we have changed the projected ship date for Gran Turismo 4 to 2/5/2005.

How disappointing.

I know there are hundreds of thousands (dare I say a couple of million) of casual fans will still buy the game and will not care about the delay, but one really has to wonder “what is the point?” At this point, why not scrap the game altogether and wait for the PS3 (or whatever it will be called) and use GT4 as a launch title? Who am I kidding? There is too much money to be had for Sony, but surely they are disappointed that they missed the Christmas window.

I am seriously disappointed that Sony cannot get their act together on this one and get the damn thing released already.


2 thoughts on “Gran Turismo 4 Slips into Obscurity”

  1. Sony and Polyphony Digital know they will sell tons of copies, regardless of when it comes out.

    As for delaying to the PS3, not sure the work they’ve done on the GT4 would be useable for a next-gen system.

    If you think about it, the way PD and Sony does things is the complete opposite of EA, which will ship a game every year.

    We’ve been hearing recently about how EA abuses its workers, making them work long hours almost year round instead of the "crunch" before deadlines.

  2. Yeah – Sony and Polyphony know they will make serious duckets off of GT4, regardless of the release date. I agree, and I will still get the damn thing.

    I am disapointed that GT4 keeps getting delayed because I know it is finished. What are they doing? Adding back internet play? Adding more CPU AI cars?

    I have to wonder if Sony decided to delay the title because they could not get it out sooner, or if they had already made their numbers this year. A 2005 release would go a long way towards helping Sony make their numbers next year.

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