GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas – but of course everyone with a PS2 is going to be playing this one. Well everyone that is not completely put off by the whole gangster thing, the violence, the language, and well, the whole damn experience. I have to admit that GTA is not for everyone, but so far this one looks damn impressive.

In case it needs to be said, much like the previous games in the series, you do not want your youngsters around when this one is on. The violence and the language are pretty indicative of a mature rated game. Really; not for kids.

I have not put in enough time to state my opinion one way or another, but if you like the series, you should buy this one. So far the story is great, the characters are pretty cool (from concept to appearance to dialog), and the soundtrack is perfect. As much as GTA: Vice City said 80’s (Miami Vice) San Andreas is all about the gangster thing (from what I have read and from watching moves). It is pretty impressive so far.

If anything put you off about the previous two PS2 GTA games, then you will be even more put off by San Andreas. I am not sure what has changed – it really seems like more of the same, but in a larger world, with a much tighter story. Small things like controlling the camera with the right analog stick have been added, and I am sure there are others that I will uncover. My point (at this early juncture) is that the game is just as stylistic as ever (if not more so) – same engine, just a deeper story and a whole lot more to do. The development team goes all out to make the game feel authentic, and it does.

I’ll post more later as time permits. I assume it will be a long night of mayhem …


2 thoughts on “GTA: San Andreas”

  1. JC,

    I got lucky and was one of the few people in my part of the world to pick up the game on Friday without a pre-order. What I’ve played so far is a lot of fun (though I’m still running through what are effectively the tutorial missions – they seem to last forever) and I don’t doubt I’ll be playing it for many months to come, but the level of slowdown present in the PAL version is bugging me a bit. I’m not surprised by it, given the amount of action on screen at any one time, but since I don’t recall GTA III or VC being this choppy it’s come as a bit of a shock to me.

    The soundtrack is marvellous as ever – I like some of the links to previous GTA games on the radio stations (the ‘Hampshire Nannies’ advert should be familiar to anyone who listened to Chatterbox in GTA III, and Laslow makes an appearance on talk radio begging for a job) and the overall feel of the music fits the game perfectly. It looks great, plays well, I just wish it was a little smoother.


  2. Adam – no such graphic slowdown problems on the US version. There are plenty of graphical mistakes – object bleed-through, some pop-up and the like, but nothing that gets in the way of the wonderful experience.

    The soundtrack is absolutely balls out perfect for the game. I about hit the floor when "Been Caught Stealing" came on as I jacked a car. That was a great moment in gaming history.

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