GMail Invites – First Four to Respond Win

I have 4 extra GMail invites. First four people to respond win. Please just add a comment to this item with your current contact email address.


9 thoughts on “GMail Invites – First Four to Respond Win”

  1. OK, invites sent to Ted, Jared, and Dan. One still open.

    So far I really like the mail system. The labels are nice (easy way to setup categories), and I like the conversation system. The ads are also very unobtrusive, which is a plus. Hope they stay that way.

  2. Jared – just forwarded you your original invite.

    Ted – no problem. Enjoy!

    Google is about to open this thing to the public, so my guess is that each of you will have 6 invites to give out in a matter of days.

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