Burnout 3 Looks Impressive

This weekend I had a chance to play a Burnout 3 (PS2) demo at Best Buy. I have never played any of the games in the series so I do not have a barometer, but this thing was pretty fun and impressive. In the few minutes I played I decided a couple of things. First, the game has an awesome sense of speed. Second, the game’s crashes are nothing short of spectacular. I have no idea what sort of lasting appeal the game will have, but I bet the crash mode is about as good as it gets for “pick up and play” action.

Need For Speed is about the closest thing I get to arcade racing these days, but Burnout 3 certainly got my attention. I would put it on my buy list if it was cheaper, but $50 is a little too much for my taste for this sort of game. Speaking of which, I am not sure what EA was thinking when it decided to take over publishing rights; maybe they are playing to make Need For Speed an “exotic” racer once again, while the Burnout series takes over the Ridge Racer arcade style formula. It will be interesting to see how EA positions the two series with future releases.


2 thoughts on “Burnout 3 Looks Impressive”

  1. JC,

    I’ve managed to catch only a brief glimpse of Burnout 3 in action, but what I’ve seen doesn’t look to have deviated far at all from the Burnout 2 formula. With that in mind, seek out Burnout 2 – it should be at bargain bin prices by now, and it’s well worth adding to the collection even now, though with 3 on the way maybe a rental would be better.

    It is spectacular, the shunts are impressive and the quicker cars leave you with no time to even blink on the busier courses. Simply the best arcade racer available IMO. If Burnout 3 costs too much to justify the purchase, I’d recommend its predecessor without any hesitation.


  2. Burnout 2 is worth it for the crash mode alone. I rarely, if ever, play the racing mode. I put it in 4 player crash mode and crash over and over again…too much fun. If Burnout 3 has a similar mode, I’m there…

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