Fanily Affair

My brother called me from London yesterday and asked “Have you ever played a game called World of Warcraft?”

It turns out that he’s been playing on the European servers for quite a while now. I imagine a lot of this is going on all over the place. By “this” I mean that there are a bunch of older gamers playing WoW that don’t mention it for fear of being exposed to the world. So we go along leading these false lives of responsibility and maturity only to creep back into our fantasy worlds every evening.

I learned from my guild mates that my brother needs to purchase a US version of WoW in order to access the servers over here. My brother and I grew up on Dungeons & Dragons – the original – so I should have guessed that he would eventually find WoW.

FYI, I now have three level 70 characters. Swarn (priest), Fwarn (hunter), and the newest member Twarnnd (shaman) make up my senior WoW family. I am going to level a paladin and a mage, and that will be it for me. There is just so much to do beyond leveling in the game that five 70s is probably my limit.


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  1. Funny. I actually plan to play some WoW this afternoon. Will be the first time in a couple of months.

    About D&D; I grew up on the same, which is one of the reasons I stayed away from WoW for so long. :)

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