Go Navy!

The Army Navy game is today at 2:30 PM ET. I tell my students at Texas A&M that they have a nice little quaint rivalry with University of Texas compared to the proud tradition that is the Army Navy game. Graduates of both institutions take the game very seriously. I remember when I was deployed in Japan many years ago breaking into the Officer’s Club at 3:00 AM to watch the game with some of my fellow Academy graduates. Losses are devestating and victory is expected. Records really don’t matter because history shows us many examples of a scrapy Army or Navy team defeating the opponent with a better record.

It is a good natured rivalry. One of my students at the University of Florida was a helicopter pilot in the Army, a West Point graduate, and we had fun giving each other a hard time during this time of year. I ran track and raced bicycles when I was a Midshipman, and it gave me great pleasure that I never lost to an Army doggy while I was at the Academy.

Games like these make college sports so much fun.


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