The Times interviews Kazuo Hirai about all things PlayStation.

I found this interview from The Times via N4G. There is nothing really new revealed, but I thought it was interesting that Sony is sticking with the 10-year plan thing.

In retrospect, do you wish you had packed less into the PS3?

Had we done less, I think we’d have gotten into a situation where, especially with the way technology ramps up, it would have been very difficult for us to embark on a 10-year life cycle with this particular console.

I think that because of all the things we were able to pack into the platform – Blu-ray’s a great example – we were able to make sure we could take advantage of some of the great services we are offering.

Those things aren’t possible if we didn’t put that kind of power into the platform.

This plan may have worked with the PlayStation and PS2, but I have my doubts that this dubious plan can hold up for the PS3.


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