It’s that time of year again, when I swear off purchasing college football annuals, but always yield to temptation. The Phil Steele annual is always my favorite, for the sheer amount of content and the entertaining commentaries. A week or so ago, the posted this Phil Steele blurb about the 2010 Dawgs:

“If I was going to pick another one out of the stack there,” [off the radar teams] Steele said Friday on ESPN’s College Football Live, “I would have to say the Georgia Bulldogs. I think they’ve got a shot of even winning the SEC East and could very well run the table.

Probably. Not sure how a team with a new QB can be on anyone’s radar, but it is always fun seeing your team has some degree of hope. The Phil Steele annual goes on sale today; I’m sure I will end up picking one up sooner rather than later.