Falcons Matt Ryan will only get better.

I found this Fifth Down article about the Falcons – Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and the offensive line – via the NFC South blog at espn.

I also think it is worth noting that in two of his first four games and three of his first seven games, Ryan had a passer rating below 70. I don’t say that to knock him, but rather to point out that as great of a rookie season as he had (and he is the best rookie quarterback I have seen in six years of tape breakdowns), he does have room to become an even better player. That thought should keep NFC South defensive coordinators up at night.

The article points out that Ryan’s decision making progress (or how about in game progression of reads) improved from his senior year at Boston College. As a Falcons fan, I find this article very encouraging. If only the defense can keep up its end of the deal.


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