Crosman Sierra Pro dies.

I planned to write about some shooting that I did earlier today, complete with best pellets per group, highest and lowest scoring group, and standard deviation per group. Instead I am writing a somewhat disappointing entry. My Crosman Sierra Pro bit the dust today.

After getting really comfortable with the sights on the gun, I decided to scope the Sierra Pro this afternoon, right before sunset, or as I like to call it, squirrel hunting time. After getting the scope on, I took the gun out to sight in the scope, and could not get the damn thing to cock. My assumption is that the mainspring is broken. I can break the barrel, but it just will not catch/cock.

I am frustrated with the timing. I planned to do a lot of shooting today, tomorrow, and Christmas Eve. I am not sure how long it will take me to track down someone from Crosman to put in a return authorization. The gun does have a one year limited warranty, and the good folks at Crosman have already replaced my scope. I don’t doubt that Crosman will repair (or replace) my Sierra Pro.

The problem is that the Crosman customer service form is down for maintenance, it is the weekend, it is Christmas week, and I expect shipping the gun to Crosman will be a pain. I do not have a box for shipping a gun, and I am sure it will cost a pretty penny.

The only silver lining is that I may have something more interesting to shoot on Christmas. More to come on that later.


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