Bulldog Baseball – Opening Day!

UGA logoGeorgia is not what you would consider a traditional college baseball powerhouse. I read in the local newspaper today that Georgia’s first trip to the CWS was in 1987 (something I did not realize). They won it all in 1990, but they over the next 11 years they only had one winning season in the SEC (something I did realize).

The Bulldogs are one of only five teams to make the CWS twice in the last three years. The article did not list the other four teams, but I think they are Texas (2004, 2005), Oregon State (2005, 2006), Miami FL (2004, 2006), and Cal St. Fullerton (2004, 2006). College baseball fans can correct me if I am wrong.

It looks like Georgia coach David Perno has started the foundations of a real winner. I am not sure how well the Dawgs will do this year, but if they can take a lead into the final innings, they will be in good shape behind all-American closer Joshua Fields (3-2, 15 saves, 1.80 ERA).

Georgia opens this afternoon by hosting last year’s CWS Champions (Oregon State) for a three game series.

Go Dawgs!


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