Independence Day – Happy 4th (with Kate Upton)

In the grand tradition of celebrating Independence Day, God, video games, Apple Pie, and all things eye candy, welcome to the Calvert Games second edition fireworks spectacular!

July 4th Kate Upton eyecandy ©GQ – just saying
Kate Upton is spectacular, whether she is making the rounds doing the Cat Daddy, losing her top, or just plain having a good time posing for GQ.

July 4th Kate Upton eyecandy ©GQ – just saying

The staff at Calvert Games, is happy to bring you July 4th firework crackling eye candy goodness. Have a happy and safe mid-week break celebrating the beautiful Kate, and Independence Day!


Saturday T&A Is Back …

It has been a while since I have done any sort of T&A, eye candy, or similar articles, so why not get things rolling straight away.

The “cheeky” surfer, or as the subtitle says, “pro wave rider” Alana Blanchard is a beautiful young lady, so she keeps top billing in today’s triumphant return of eye candy, Recycle Bin style.

Beautiful? Yes, but Ms. Blanchard just offers a distracting bridge to today brilliant EuroGamer article, “Why Can’t Games Do Sex?

That’s a point. Sex is the most natural thing in the world, and the reason you’re here. Both literally, and because you were interested enough to click through. But we don’t talk about it in videogames, or often in real life, in anything but the most generalised and softened terms.

I don’t want more sex in games. But I think the whole way we consider the topic is wrong: in mainstream games, at least, sex more often than not means clumsily-animated dolls at the end of a subplot in the mission structure. That circumstance will only change with a breakthrough.

My wife and I closely monitor our boys’ (13, 9, and 5) exposure to various media. In fact, while most of what I write is PG-13 at best, I have to think twice because my 13 year-old will start posting occasionally. This article will surely cause a snicker or two.

Depending on which boy sees/hears what, there is mass chaos when it comes to boobies, the “a” word as they call it, as in ass, or jackass, or any other manner of items considered “inappropriate” or off the table.

We are actually pretty relaxed about this stuff; parental guidance is the norm, but we are hardly uptight. For example, my five year-old received Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom for his birthday last month. Mostly because he is really into superheroes and Hawkeye is a favorite. There was glorious rejoicing and giggles when the boys saw “partial nudity” on the back of the box in the ratings section.

Of course in this context, partial nudity means cleavage. Seriously. America is so tight about breasts and nudity that animation that shows some skin, and really nothing more outrageous, is deemed worthy of being flagged.

Me? I say hooray for boobies!


Yummy Eye Candy … Or Why I Love The UK Press

A tale of two links, and how cultures are so drastically different between the US and UK (at least when it comes to the press). Let’s face it; Americans are prudes when it comes to nudity.

Case in point:


I don’t think I will ever understand why it is OK to show graphical depictions of violent acts (i.e. dead soldiers, bodies from natural disasters, etc.), but we go all numb nuts over a pair of tits.

Lucky for me outlets such as The Sun post delicious Pirelli eye candy goodness without any squeamishness. God made beautiful women to be admired, not censored.

Do I want my boys ogling Kate? Of course not. It’s called responsible parenting. And it has nothing to do with being a prude. If they are clicking on these links, dad will find out … just saying.


Labor Day Spectacular – Red, White, and Blue

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend – baseball, college football, cold blue cans of wonderment, and BBQ. In tribute to the last gasp of summer, I give you eye candy for your summer closeout viewing pleasure.

Labor Day delicious eyecandy

Glod bless America!

Me? I started the weekend festivities a little early. I was in the ATL last night for the Falcons vs. Ravens game, which absolutely sucked. I’m going to demand a refund; not that it will happen or anything. The entertainment put on by the Falcons last night was disgraceful.

I bet Mel B is going to be sorely disappointed when she realizes that I am going to put back on those five pounds she helped me drop. Heck, after last night’s tailgate, I probably already ate my way to half of that fat. Easy come, easy go …

Speaking of tailgating, I’ll probably grill out every day over the long weekend, drink a truckload of beer, and catch whatever football action happens to come my way. There is that little game Saturday night at the Dome featuring my beloved Bulldogs taking on the blue turf boys from Boise St.

Hope you and yours have a great holiday!


Independence Day – Happy 4th

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend – baseball, cold blue cans of wonderment, and of course eye candy.


July 4th amiclubwear eyecandy ©amiclubwear - probably

God bless America!


I have had a great long weekend – plenty of gaming action, two cookouts, and family movie night with the third Pirates Blu-ray. Today we are doing an extended family lunch at our favorite local Mexican joint; seems a little anti-American to eat Mexican on the 4th, but I digress.

Hope you and yours have a great holiday!


T&A Thursday

I have not offered up a T&A post in a while, and the ‘eye candy’ tag is short of short on excitement these days, so without further ado, from the ‘what’s next from those crazy kids in Japan’ category – Dancing Eyes. Undress with success?

For what it is worth, I found both of these via N4G. Decide to post for said reasons above. Besides, I always enjoy this sort of thing; reading the comments for these off the wall Japanese games is usually a laugh a minute.

I am betting there is no way this one sees the light of day in the U.S. So says Captain Obvious.


Pippa Strikes Back

I guess in the tabloid world that other Pippa is still lighting up the charts and testosterone of boys here as well as across the Pond, hungry for as much near Royal T&A as can possibly be achieved. I have never seen such, but alas, I do not really follow the ravishing cravings of those looking to see how the other half live.

Do I enjoy a pretty girl? Sure, as much as the next semi-old gaming guy. In fact I have had a ton of fun and laughs over the years posting T&A, eye candy, and the like, however today I am writing about one Pippa Mann, and her adventures in this year’s Indy 500.

Pippa Mann has been keeping a diary/blog over at RACER, and I have to admit that I have become a big fan of Pippa. Her writing style is highly engaging, open, honest, and of course entertaining.

The first pit stop was a reminder that while I was getting the hang of this thing on the track, it was no Indy Lights race. We were still under green – a few of the people whom I had passed, and a couple in front of me pulled off a lap earlier and dived in while I was being called one to go. Next lap – my turn. Call for more front wing, try to stay on the throttle through Four, shoot across to pit entry, on the brakes, down to speed before the line. Pit lane speed limiter, into neutral, into the box on the marks, holding the wheel and the brakes, being ready as soon as the car hits the ground but is still fueling. Ready, ready, ready… Fuel disengaged, first gear, wave out, GO. Reset the fuel, reset the in car tools. Breathe. Watch for the pit exit, be ready, be ready… Pit exit, disengage speed limit, push on the warm-up lane, push. Yellow – wait? What? Yellow?

Yes, yellow. I hadn’t even made it back out onto track and the track was down. …

I immediately learned two very important lessons. The first – you save fuel on the parade laps to try and go one further in the race; and second, being a little conservative to make sure you do everything right on your first-ever pit stop can hurt you just as much as over-shooting your marks and screwing the whole thing up.

Good stuff. I wish Pippa well, and certainly hope she catches a ride and earns a few more races. Pippa is much easier to cheer for than that other ‘famous’ female Indy racer.


Liberty Bowl Spectacular

The latest Sheridan odds show Georgia favored by 7 over UCF, in what looks to be a traps game for the Bulldogs. I mean, after such a disappointing season that draws to a close on New Year’s Eve day in Memphis, how does Coach Richt get his team up for UCF?

The Dawgs could be in serious trouble if George O’Leary offers to bring in spectacular UFC alum Shanna Marie McLaughlin for a post game celebration if his team delivers a win. Seriously. I bet that would get his team’s attention.

O’Leary knows how to beat the Dawgs; at least once upon a time he knew how to take out former Georgia Coach Donnan’s version of the Bulldogs.


The Changing Face of Wonder Woman

It looks like Wonder Woman is about to get a complete makeover, which I assume will make her more relevant, and of course provide more T&A appeal. Just follow the money … and you are sure to find some eye candy, even in comic book form.

Over the last couple of days FoxNews has been following the story closely, decrying Wonder Woman’s makeover as fundamentally un-American.

But when asked about the absence of the American flag on the new costume, a spokesperson for DC hedged.

“We at DC Comics are exceedingly proud of Wonder Woman’s heritage and Superman’s heritage as iconic symbols of American patriotism,” the rep told “Suggestions that any costume changes within their 70 plus years of rich storytelling come at the expense of this heritage are unfounded. The latest evolution of Wonder Woman’s iconic costume is a central part of the latest comic book storyline. All of the classic symbols – patriotic (stars, eagle) and heroic (lasso, bracelets) – are ever-present. We encourage Wonder Woman fans to stay tuned.”

Lynda Carter, the actress who portrayed Wonder Woman on TV in the 1970s, declined to answer Fox’s question about the removal of the American flag from the Wonder Woman costume. In a previous interview, Carter said she thinks Wonder Woman would want all the upset fans to just “get over it.”

If ‘ol (really old now) sexy blue eyes says FoxNews should let it drop, I agree. Earlier in week, Wonder Woman comic writer J. Michael Straczynski told FoxNews [actually he told IGN]:

“Her look was almost identical to what it was in 1941. Other characters have changed and evolved … and female friends of mine kept asking, ‘How does she fight in that thing without all her parts flying out? How does she carry her stuff?” the writer said.

Good point. If anything the short-shorts and boobage flying around should distract Wonder Woman as well at the Cheeta, who I also figured had a crush on Wonder Woman.

Personally I think the new Wonder Woman art is pretty hot (in a non-sick-o, comic book loving sort of way); however at the risk of Lynda Carter coming after me, I wish comic book artist Jim Lee could have incorporated more of the American flag look into the new outfit.

Speaking of Digital Comics and DC; if you missed the earlier story about DC going digital, you may want to check out this article from IGN Comics. If you are a PSP owner, head over to the comics part of the Official PlayStation Blog or the PlayStation Comics home page for more info on downloading a free Wonder Woman comic.


1100 degrees – Or Videogame T&A Returns

I meant to post this yesterday, but sort of, kind of, forgot. Oh well, on with the T&A …

Everyone knows that sex is where it is at, especially with the horny teenage gaming contingent. Not to mention dirty old men with blogs.

So according to N4G, this T&A article was a blazing 1100 degrees yesterday; not sure where it sits today.  How popular is the article?  Apparently enough folks have clicked on the link to burn up the bandwidth.

Mmmm. Tasty little pocket monsters.


PS3 Becoming the Sex Console

In the latest sex article to grace a PS3 site, PlayStation LifeStyle details the God of War III “mini sex” game via the ESRB write-up of what is in store for overzealous sex starved gamers.

The game contains a sex mini-game. Players will encounter a goddess and her two hand maidens, all topless, all holding and caressing each other. If players wish to, they may join the goddess (and only the goddess) in bed. Actual sex is never depicted as the camera drifts, then fixes on the two maidens, who watch from a distance. As players respond to the on-screen prompts with button presses, the topless maidens will continue to watch, and sometimes caress. Moaning sounds from the bed can be heard throughout the sequence.

Good times. I guess I am going to have to pre-order now. Probably.


Heavy Rain – Incoming February 23

A few minutes ago I decided to preorder Heavy Rain, and not because of the glitz nudity (via N4G). Of course sex sells; no need to comment on that aspect of the game. I really started to wait on this one, but I am buying into the hype. Apparently I am once again an addict.

It sounds like Heavy Rain takes only 10 or so hours to complete (the first time), with a gameplay experience that is supposed to be GOTY quality. Seems to be a nitche title, which is right up my alley.


Sunday Stuffs

Here are a few random links for your viewing pleasure that I came across while surfing the web this morning. As I heard on SportingNews radio, legitimate web surfing; in other words it is too early on Sunday morning to be looking for some T&A.

After the affair ends …
A reminder for married folks to be careful who they jilt after the sex factor comes to an end.

YaVaughnie Wilkins posted the signs after she learned that her lover, Charles E. Phillips — president and director of the tech conglomerate Oracle Corporation and a member of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board — had reconciled with his wife, the New York Post reported.

The billboards — there are three in New York and one apiece in Atlanta and San Francisco, where Phillips lives — may have cost Wilkins up to $250,000, at an estimated $50,000 each.

After the billboards surfaced, Phillips fessed up to his longtime affair through a spokesman on Thursday.

The again this one probably only applies to rich folks. I am sure Tiger can relate.

Miranda Kerr
OK, so I lied about not having enough coffee to look for T&A, but by golly wow is Miranda beautiful! I did come across this one while taking in my daily dose of morning Fox news; we can chalk this up as legitimate.

Cheers to beer in a can!
I had no idea that canned beer has been around for 75 years! It’s nice to learn something new before 7AM.

Team US F1 looks not so American
While I am excited about the prospects of a U.S. based F1 team, I am disappointed to learn that the first driver announced is not an American.

AUTOSPORT reports that former grand prix ace Carlos Reutemann, a close friend of US F1 boss Peter Windsor and now a leading politician in Argentina, has been instrumental in putting the funding package together for Lopez, who will receive a degree of government backing alongside other Argentinian sponsors.

I have nothing at all against Jose Maria Lopez; I hope he shows well for US F1, but it sort of sucks that an American could not put together a funding package. Then again, Lopez has the full backing of the Argentina government! Maybe President Obama and his socialist agenda should considering jumping into racing. Why not inject some cash into NASCAR, IRL, and US F1?

Happy NFL Championship Sunday!