Slow news Monday returns.

Except for a glut (and I mean a serious run) of PS3 price cut and PS3 slim rumors, there is just not all that much going on today.

So far I have enjoyed my brief time with Madden 10. Two important points. First, the game is improved over last year. Second, the sliders do appear to work and provide noticeable differences when tweaked. At least when I upped the penalty sliders, I started getting more penalties called. This is still a work in progress, and it is much too soon to call a final review score (as if I did those any more).

I have stayed away from Madden message boards, sites, and searches. If there is something glaring that has been found, for now I want to be clueless. I think it is better that way.

I ordered Madden 10 for the Wii for my son’s b-day. I am not expecting any major enhancements, but the kids like Madden, so they should be happy.


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