UK gets PS3 price drop. What about the U.S.?

So here come the PS3 price drops. At least in the UK. According to MCV (via N4G)

As of today the retailer [Asda] is offering what is described as a ‘limited promotion’ on 80GB machines, which offers the hardware plus two games for just £250 – that’s £50 less than the current UK RRP.

I am sure this is just an inventory clearance move, but it should be a sign of what to expect tomorrow. I bet gaming sites are going to crash and burn tomorrow with a glut of traffic. No matter what happens, I am sure that there will be a large contingent of anti Sony media pissing a river complaining that the price cuts are not deep enough, or that the price cuts will not stop the bleeding. Oh well, more fodder for the RB.


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