Oh to backup …

I should have seen this coming. No backups in a year or so, and now thanks to a nasty virus it is all gone. “It” of course is everything that I should have been backing up weekly/monthly – tax records, my wife’s legal documents, license keys to a few favorite software packages and games, and a crap load of email.

The bad thing is that I used to do backups fairly regularly, but I got lazy. I typically just backup data files from my C drive to my D drive, which under normal circumstances worked fine. But not this time; I paid dearly this weekend. The nasty virus attack that got by Norton cleaned my boot record and utterly destroyed my C and D drive partitions. Yes, these two drives are on the same physical HDD – I know, not very smart.

I think I slept a couple of hours this morning after trying, and trying, and trying some more to recover the data. The loss of the email is brutal I have years of documents, contacts, and just all around important stuff. I especially feel bad for my wife because she just lost so much of her legal work.

So I guess I am just feeling a little sorry for myself, but I figured I would do the public service thing by reminding everyone of the importance of regular backups!


One thought on “Oh to backup …”

  1. Hey man…coulnd’t you just buy a new small hard drive, install windows, and connect the "bad" one to it and pull the data off of it? Obviously hoping the virus doesn’t come with it.

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