Georgia goes Independence Bowling

In a season of disappointment, the Bulldogs went about as low as they can go, accepting a bid to Shreveport to play the Aggies of Texas A&M.

This Georgia team needs the extra practice time afforded to Bowl bound teams. Forget the artificial buzz about sending the seniors out on a high note. The early word from Coach Richt is that he will spend most of his time working some a hodgepodge group of grad assistances to come up with some sort of defensive plan to stop the Aggies. This may not end well.

I wonder how well Georgia will travel, and if the A&M fan base is at all excited about the matchup. The Independence Bowl, Dec 28 at 5PM on ESPN2 will probably feature a ton of empty seats, and be poor represented in the ratings department. Of course I will watch and be pulling for the Dawgs, but it will be more about pride, not a reward for a well-played season.


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