Strikers 1945 (PSP)

I am a big fan of the Strikers series (or 1940 series … or whatever type of shooter), so at some point I assume I will get Strikers 1945 for the PSP, but probably not for $10. Fun game, but I think $7.99 is a little more reasonable for this type of game. Gamer Dad (or Gaming with Children) has one of their quick no nonsense reviews.

For a little more than ten bucks, Strikers 1945 is a pretty decent download, but the game could’ve used a few more options and tweaks. There are several screen viewing size options, but none that let you tile the PSP on its side to view the action from an arcade screen ratio. Even though you get unlimited continues, maybe some selectable difficulty modes would’ve been nice so you’re not dying quite AS often. And it’s a bit short. Fans of arcade classics may still enjoy it, though. And heck, any game that lets you pilot a plane called the “Flying Pancake” can’t be ALL bad!

Of course I would not even consider this one if my copy of 1942: Joint Strike that cost me $9.99 from the PSN supported the PSP or Remote Play.


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