Different Day, Same Song

Digital download of NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2005 was supposed to be ready last week. Then ealy this week. Now….who the heck knows? Sports Interactive may be good developers, but good Lord do they not know how to get a game to the United States.

Some funny culture clash commentary going on in the OOTP and SIGames forums. While the US-based OOTP boards are all a twitter about the new expansion, the intrusion of baseball into the stoic and non-tolerant world of “football” is getting interesting reaction from the European faithful. They seem a bit underwhelmed.


2 thoughts on “Different Day, Same Song”

  1. Is Sega now in charge publishing OOTP? I think they screwed the pooch with the last Eastside release and the US release of FM2005 was a total joke.

  2. I sure hope not. It makes no sense how little OOTP seems to do just fine with its digital downloads and big old SI games can’t get contracts signed in time for release. Pretty scary.

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