Now drinking. Not Zima.

So Zima has officially been put out of its misery; well almost.

MillerCoors LLC has stopped brewing Zima because of “challenging” sales and “declining consumer interest” in the flavored malt beverage segment, according to a statement by Andy England, chief marketing officer. The last bottles of Zima will likely be shipped to the brewer’s wholesale distributors in December.

Zima Beer Bottles

Except for people like me and this dude posting stupid stories about Zima, I do not think anyone will care that Zima is done.

Man, if I only had a nickel for every Zima I’ve downed, I’d have 15 cents. That’s right, I’ve managed to choke down smoothly enjoy three ice-cold, refreshing Zimas. The last one was right before entering a high school dance. (Note to high school males reading this: Nothing says “manliness” to your date like chugging a Zima too quickly and then throwing half of it back up in your mouth.)

I am not saying I am proud or anything, but I would probably be closing in on a buck seventy-five.

At any rate, I am not drinking Zima.


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