Warrick is out. Turner is in. (Free Agency Day Three)

Yesterday the Falcons signed Michael Turner.  Turner’s contract is somewhere in the neighborhood of $34.5 million, for six-years, with $15 million guaranteed.  From a value standpoint, this is very comparable to Dunn, whose contract was valued at $28.5 million (I think for six years and I am not sure how much guaranteed money).

Today Warrick Dunn was released by the Falcons.  I have read that this will free up $3 million towards the salary cap.  Signing Turner now, gives the Falcons some more free agency flexibility, but maybe more importantly it gives Atlanta plenty of options on draft day.  For starters, they no longer have to go after McFadden, who may be a once in a generation player or he could be a bust.  Hopefully the Falcons will go after Jake Long (OT, Michigan), and go QB and DE with their two second picks.  Things will look even brighter if Atlanta manages to dump Hall for more picks.


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