Videogame Magazines on the cheap @ Amazon

Last year I ordered my boys Nintendo Power when Amazon had a deal for a $9.99 subscription. The subscription is coming to an end, and I decided not to renewal for the low, low price of $19.99. Sure the boys love it, and it encourages reading; I just figured I would hold out for a better deal.

Today the deal has arrived. This morning I noticed a N4G article that showed Nintendo Power for $5, so I just renewed the boys’ subscription. There was much rejoicing.

For $5 I even picked up PlayStation: The Official Magazine. It has been a while since I subscribed to a videogame magazine. Call me Captain Obvious; these days videogame magazines are normally just not worth the money, they are not current, they are really more or less a collection of advertisements, the reviews are lacking, and of course there is better, timelier material available on various videogame sites. Videogame magazines are a relic from the younger days of gaming.

If nothing else, this $5 for the PlayStation magazine will give me more variety in the bathroom besides National Geographic, Racer, and whatever magazines my wife happens to have lying around.


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