SEC Wrap Up – Week 3

Last week was fairly predictable. As expected Auburn blasted Mississippi State, Florida took care of Eastern Michigan, albeit by much less than expected. LSU blasted Arkansas State, Alabama easily took out Eli-less Mississippi, and Arkansas lost in a nasty battle to Texas.

Georgia took care of business at South Carolina despite spotting the cocks 16 points. I told anyone that would listen that the Gamecocks always play the Dawgs tough at home, and this year was no exception. Georgia won by 4 – I predicted a 6 point margin of victory – either way UGA won so I am happy.

The final totals put me at 6-0 on the week, and 15-1 on the season. Not sure what that is worth … nothing I guess since I am not going off of point spreads, but I am still impressed with myself. LOL


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