Beeman R1 First Look

My .22 caliber Beeman R1 arrived this Friday afternoon from the fine folks at Straight Shooters.

Beeman R1 in Doskocil Deluxe Case

Beeman R1 .22 caliber

Click on the above picture for a nice super sized version. As you can see, the order featured plenty of goodies to compliment the R1:

My very first impressions where that R1 was packaged very well (two boxes and a gun case). The actual R1 looks fantastic, dare I say a beautiful airgun. Finally, I wish Straight Shooters included the original boxes in case I want to resell anything down the road. On the last point, I am not sure what I was expecting, but I was surprised that the R1 box and Bushnell scope box was not included.

Enjoy a few “out of the box” pictures by clinking on the links …

I will follow up tomorrow with some more first impressions, some interesting target pictures, and of course, the first victim claimed by the R1.


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