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Although we may not be the best place to visit to find out information about OOTPB 2006 (according to the great Bill Harris at Dubious Quality), we try our best here at the Recycle Bin. It took me two days, but I finally finished an 18-season sim of an imported OOTP 6.5 league. My one fear is that OOTPB 2006 won’t produce the same results as OOTP 6.5 for those of us running online leagues. And I must say that I am left scratching my head a bit.

During my initial run, I complained about the league averages being off and that there were odd results as far as individual leaders (hits, HRs, etc.) until I adjusted the league totals modifiers. So I followed my new plan of using my adjustments and then setting them back to 1.000 (the Major League equivalent modifier setting) and see what happens.

It turns out that the game was already doing a good job replicating OOTP 6.5s league totals. What do I mean? I took a look at our leagues Catobase history and noticed that league batting averages ranged between .255 – .266 (for the AL) and ERA from 3.94-4.37 over an 11-season time period in OOTP 6.5. This is absolutely consistent with the un-modified (1.000) results that I was getting when I initially imported my league in the un-patched version of the game.

The big difference between the results is found on the leader boards. There seems to be some sort of smoothing effect going on in OOTPB 2006. By this, I mean that the upper ends of the leader boards are different. Although the league totals were the same, the top players were not performing the same. In OOTP 6.5, I had players hitting 50+ HRs within a league .254 average. In OOTPB 2006, players were struggling to get to 45 Hrs, but the league averages were the same as OOTP 6.5.

In my new sim, the league averages ranged from .264-.284 (AL) and .254-.279 (NL) during 18-seasons in OOTPB 2006. Even with this much higher average (compared to OOTP 6.5), the HR record was 62 three more than the 59 HR pervious record in the older version.

So I now have an interesting problem. Do I want to keep the modifiers in place and live with this smoothing out effect? In other words, in OOTPB 2006, the high numbers wont be as high, but the middle range folks should perform better than in OOTP 6.5. Or do I use the modifiers, and live with the inflated league averages and ERA in order to get similar leader board performance?

Hate to say it, but I will have to do another 18-season test using no modifiers. Sigh.


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  1. Funny – I had to check out the DQ site to see what you were talking about. I may be biased, but I think you are doing a hell of a job with your posts. :)

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