Sex, Drugs, and Rockstar Games

Here we go again. I know the sex stuff buried in GTA:SA is old news, but the has a great article about the story.

“So — the justification for this use of our tax dollars is that Take Two misled the public by promising a game featuring enough violence to make Sam Peckinpah blush, but instead sprinkled it with near-hardcore pornography. (I use “near” as there isn’t any display of genitalia, at least as far as I could see. And it’s a cartoon graphic, not real people…)

Good heavens, citizens! What’s going on here? Oh yes, of course, we’re getting all bent out of shape over nothing again. I keep forgetting that this is a proud American tradition, on the same display shelf as the controversy over “Darling Nikki” and the fuss over video games in general from the early ’80s. I bet some of the folks who thought our children’s brains were turning to mush over too much “Centipede” aren’t looking at it this way today.”

My sentiments exactly! But it gets better, much, much better.

“Lauren Charbonneau didn’t worry about purchasing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for her son, Luke, in October when he was 11. Luke is ‘pretty mature,’ his mother says. She figured he could handle an M-rated video game. Then news broke last week that explicit interactive sex scenes were discovered hidden in the code of the game that touts intense violence, blood and gore. … Luke says he never accessed the hidden scenes, but the news of their existence upset his mother. ‘I’m shocked and angry,’ says Ms. Charbonneau, 47, of Plano. ‘They deceived the public.'”

Wow! The GTA series is an easy target, but why not go after parents such as Lauren Charbonneau for not actually following the ratings guide? Why not make parents responsible for actually supervising their children and (I know this is crazy talk) actually watching what their kids play?

I could go on and on with this one, but enough for now.


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